Auburn Glow, (SOLD)
Auburn Glow, Acrylic Paint


Insight –

Camassia creates her unusual contemporary and quirky depictions of the Scottish landscape using acrylic paints. The majority of her works include inks, adding to their unique qualities.

Each painting undergoes a series of vital and time-consuming steps before completion. Firstly, she paints in large sections of the canvas, using block colours only. Once it is dry, she can work into the painting with a selection of more colour and defined brush strokes. It isn’t finished yet. Once the painting is completely dry, she can then start to outline aspects of the painting in either a black pen, white pen, or both, depending on the style that she is working in. Various dots, dashes, and splashes of paint complete the finishing touches, and are more common in her newer works, seen in the ‘Gallery’ category of this website.

Profile –

Camassia is a young artist, living and creating artwork in rural Fife, Scotland. The peaceful surrounding countryside helps to inspire each work. Her earlier outlined works acknowledged the area especially well, showing little cottages nestled into wooded backdrops with swaying foliage in the foreground. They were depictions of many lesser – known areas of this charming region.

Landscape is the most dominant and visible feature in Camassia’s quaint works. There are definitive comparisons between the very natural contouring lines that are found in the natural world itself, and her style of outlining, where the lines help to contour her own paintings.

Many of her paintings however, refer to a generic look upon the landscape in Scotland. This is for a reason. It may be the touching human element of a lone dwelling or bothy emerging from the vast land that can often remind the viewer of a specific place or special memory. It is solely up to the viewer of the painting to interpret it, and Camassia believes that it is really important to leave them free and unrestricted in this way, even if her idea of what it means is entirely different.

Art Galleries/Gift Shops –

Camassia exhibits her works in the following galleries currently – (Please check this list from time to time, because details may change throughout this year)

  • Hand-painted ceramic tiles, (suitable for hanging and displaying), available at Artery Gifts, St Andrews, Fife (full contact details available on the ‘Contact’ page
  • Selection of original paintings available at Enid Hutt Gallery, Kirkcaldy/Aberdeen
  • Selection of original paintings exhibited last year for a group exhibition at Maisie and Mac Art & Contemporary Craft, Cupar, Fife
  • Small selection of original paintings are currently on show at Torrance Gallery, Edinburgh, (available in-store only)
  • Selection of original paintings are currently on show at Sun Gallery, Newburgh, Fife, (available in-store only)
  • Camassia’s work has sold in Canada, the USA, and further afield